Bet your wondering what are....                 ?

are SOOOO easy to put on! Just stretch over your old pad, and your ready to ride!

 come in a variety of colors and patterns to dress up your tack, so you can ride in your style!

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 are SOOOO easy to put on! See for yourself!

     fit 28x30, 30x30, and 30x32 (Or 32x30 when turned sideways) rigid wool/felt saddle pads the best.  

However, because of the stretch they may also fit other various sizes as well, but are not guaranteed to do so. If your pad is larger, order the Oversize Show Skinz. 

If you have questions about fit email:   


are a revolutionary, patent-pending way to breathe 
NEW life into your OLD saddle pad! 

​​Share fun, fast, and feisty decorative Saddle Pad Covers!

mean that you don't need to buy multiple pads in a variety 

of colors to match your show clothes! 

are machine washable and add instant "Bling"!

        come in small, reusable, drawstring packages, so they don't

take up any room in your trailer and stay clean until your

next show!

also fit *most brands of western style saddle pads!

Show Skinz Saddle Pad Covers

 (In all the pictures above the saddle pad is the SAME 30x30 saddle pad, it just has different Show Skinz on it)